Innovative Weddings work

We Specialize in ethnic weddings. You'll love our innovative style. Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life.

Flush Mount

Innovative Flush Mount work

Flush mount wedding album designer Vandan Patel creates custom artistic high end wedding books and prints in traditional matted and contemporary design.

Black & White

Innovative Black and White work

Black & white photography and videography help you focus on the features of a subject and bring the mood into focus. This is all available through dipvandan photo and video.


Innovative Videography work

Your event will be taken in exquisite detail from the moment you set your eyes on your beloved. Highlights of all the special moments will be woven together to relive and share.

Right way to photography & videography

For over 23 years the forefront of video and photographic processing, to achieve the FINEST QUALITY and service. Since dipvandan has been established, it has gained the enviable reputation today as the PREMIER SPECIALIST video and photography company, dipvandan is committed to your total satisfaction. Dipvandan is a photo & video company for any event.